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She accused Tolis of getting a member of the former Rebel Alliance, and tried to torture him into disclosing the whereabouts of Princess Leia Organa, something of which he held no information. Underneath penalty of Loss of life, Faron astonished Lumiya when he disclosed that Organa had nothing at all to carry out with his group's mission; it had alternatively been Lumiya's sworn nemesis, Luke Skywalker, who had dispatched them to study the Outer Rim planetoid.[31]

She did absolutely nothing to prevent the crazy Twi'lek's pursuit as the Meditation Sphere approached the Home, and grudgingly allowed Rar entry but in addition refused her Safe and sound haven. Rar, who experienced nurtured an obsession with revenge from the Solo–Skywalker clan for her various disfigurements, prepared to operate together with Jacen, but was sternly rebuked beneath penalty of Loss of life by Lumiya. The Dim Woman wouldn't likelihood potential disaster wrought by Rar's insanity with Solo's ascendancy nigh at hand, and channeled the Darkish Jedi's reckless abandon into some thing useful: surveillance about the Colonel's things to do in Lumiya's stead. She confiscated Rar's effortlessly recognizable Conqueror-course assault ship and gave the Twi'lek a much less conspicuous courier shuttle, with Recommendations to to start with track the Anakin Solo.[2]

Jacen Solo's relentless strategies against the Confederation still left his forces vastly depleted, and he confronted several obstacles in his bids for replenished assets. To bypass the pink-tape, Solo drafted an amendment to the procurement regulation that eliminated the hindrances he so typically encountered. He also capitalized on an opportunity to attach a more insidious Modification to the first one particular which authorized him to bypass the Galactic Senate if ever he or Admiral Niathal felt the necessity to transform any legislation in current budgets, speedily and decisively. Anonymity was required on his component, and Lumiya went on the Senate meeting in his put, to produce sure that Modification quantity 357 around the 563-item agenda passed without having situation. She been given a silent comlink from him, and gave her assurance that anything was continuing as prepared. By means of that very same open link, Lumiya was privy to a conversation involving the Colonel and Mara Jade Skywalker, the latter of whom confronted Solo about Lumiya's established involvement with GAG.

She joined him on board his Star Destroyer to Gilatter VIII and, beneath the aliases of Silfinia and Najack Ell, the pair inserted them selves into the stronghold on the enemy. To include extra ground because they canvassed the collecting, Lumiya divided from her cost. Shortly right after their arrival, however, the Conference was uncovered to be a trap established with the Alliance; the Confederation had by now selected its Common Turr Phennir as Supreme Commander in a previous engagement, and have been also well aware of—and well prepared for—the Alliance assault. Lumiya gained a Force-warning from Solo and ready to assistance him defend from the Corellian Stability officers that experienced swarmed him, but was amazed to seek out Alema Rar also current and intent on killing Mara Jade Skywalker, who was on station together with her spouse, along with the quickly approaching Han Solo. Self-assured that their presences within the Assembly would pressure the Solos and Skywalkers to delay their departure, the two darksiders, weapons in hand, dived to the fray.[5]

"Brisha Syo" joined the Jedi on their own shuttle through the experience to her residence and confident Solo on arrival that every one the responses he sought can be uncovered within just. They were led inside of as she explained the record of your mining habitat, one particular the Jedi regarded to be a hundreds of years-old mining station click for more info that were abandoned at wonderful expense. Syo commented within the habitat's previous administrator, who experienced also been a Sith Lord, but dismissed any more dialogue since they ascended 4 flooring inside of a turbolift to a chamber lined with artwork and educational materials. She denied their suspicions of her position as some sort of Sith adept and unveiled the asteroid's permeation with each side of the Force, something with which Solo was preoccupied. Syo then admitted to remaining a scholar of all facets of the Force, one particular who focused primarily on utilization of Sith teachings for the benefit of others. She described her beliefs with regard to the variances among The sunshine and dark sides of the Drive, as well as the historical past of the Home and also the semi-sentient mynock-like species that experienced when resided there.

Lumiya's cybernetic enhancements had been seriously damaged on Herdessa[30] and demanded substantial repairs.[4] On completion, she emerged sporting new armor, and donned for the first time a triangular cloth headdress[31] that, in addition to her lightwhip, turned thenceforth synonymous with her title.[7] Lumiya thoroughly intended to resume her marketing campaign towards the Alliance of Free of charge Planets; however, a issue of larger worth that offered a considerable issue manifested alone: the continuation in the Sith.

He credited the prosperous historical past on the Sith along with the darkish aspect in Star Wars with offering him ample materials to make a personality of utmost complexity in Lumiya for Betrayal.[seventy seven] Traviss pointed out the enjoyment she took in producing people with whom she wasn't Formerly acquainted, Lumiya included. She was In particular fascinated with her depiction of Lumiya and Alema Rar's conversation in Sacrifice, offering Particular attention for their differed Views on their various mutilations,[78] as well as their different techniques for their problems with the Solo/Skywalker relatives.[seventy nine]

"No, I don't skip my attractiveness, you idiot, because it would've vanished by now anyway. As soon as I comprehended that my accidents freed me from worrying about these types of nonsense, I noticed that I had a task that only I could fulfill."

Along with her Force-presence no longer hidden, Skywalker before long uncovered Lumiya and forced her to land on the close by Earth Terephon. She eliminated her veil as she emerged from Ship, and with the minimal remaining to state to each other fatigued, the Dim Girl on Home Page the Sith and Jedi Grand Master dueled for the remaining time. Lumiya was immediately compelled on to the defensive as Skywalker drove her to the sting on the precipice on which they fought. When she shed her footing and fell, dropping her lightwhip in the chasm straight from the source in the method, Skywalker saved her, only to guarantee her Demise by decapitating her as she recovered.[2] Legacy

[59] It absolutely was in Those people tunnels that Lumiya encountered the spirit of Vectivus himself. The Dim Girl discovered from her Sith predecessor the best way to tap to the darkish facet reservoir for the creation of Power phantoms; malevolent manifestations that might connect with and affect the Bodily realm.[61]

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